Health Screening

Welcome to Next-Generation Health Screening

Your biology today is key to completing a full picture of your overall health combined with your predispositions. 

Did you know that only 1 in 5 adults have an annual physical and there is no standard for tests provided through general practitioners?  Typically, blood tests are conducted reactively to symptoms instead of proactively to catch health concerns early. 

Through our comprehensive approach to health screening, GoodCell offers deeper information about your individual health with curated blood tests using the same blood drawn for your genetic test.

Why GoodCell

We think you deserve a health platform that helps you be proactive and preventative.  We also don’t think anyone should settle for anything less than curated tests for a greater perspective of your health. 

GoodCell General Health Panel

Through the GoodCell General Health Panel, we curate a selection of four tests to help you understand your underlying health and paint a broader picture of your body’s holistic functioning across major health concerns including cardiovascular disease, pre-diabetes/diabetes, and vitamin D deficiency.

Be proactive by benchmarking and tracking your personal biology today.