Health Screening

Welcome to Next-Generation Health Screening

Did you know that only 1 in 5 adults have an annual physical, and there is no standard for tests provided through general practitioners? And, typically blood tests ordered by a physician are conducted reactively—after symptoms develop. 

GoodCell’s proactive approach is different. We can identify your health risks early—before symptoms appear. This allows you to take action now for the best possible outcomes tomorrow 

GoodCell General Health Panel

Through our comprehensivecurated blood tests, GoodCellprovides a deeper analysis into your individual health using the same blood drawn for your GoodCell genetic test and personal biobanking. Our tests for certain biomarkers in your blood can identify undiagnosed early stages of heart disease, diabetes, conditions linked to chronic inflammation, and brain health 

The GoodCell General Health Panel lets you track these independent of an annual physical exam, but still allows you to share information with your physician if you choose. Learn more about the Secrets in Your Blood from our blog. 

Be proactive by benchmarking and tracking your personal biology today.