What is GoodCell?

A Comprehensive View of Your Health

GoodCell is a health technology platform that helps you get ahead of your health with insights, technology and support so you can understand potential health concerns, take action and ultimately improve quality of life.​

Our core service includes a unique combination of personal biobanking, genetic testing and health screenings.

Personal Biobanking

Preserve your cells at their healthiest so you can take advantage of the latest medical advances as they emerge. We extract DNA for genetic testing, blood plasma for biological information and stem cells for potential future use.

Genetic Testing

Achieve your health goals with information about your genetic history. Understand your predisposition to disease and track accumulated genetic damage over time. Benefit from genetic counseling on actions you can take.

Health Screenings

Get a picture of your health today and the ability to identify potential concerns to help you stay in control of your wellbeing. We empower you to use your blood to track and measure your health over time.