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Personal Biobanking

Your stem cells will be there if you need them for potential therapies in the future.



upfront for blood draw, bioprocessing and your first year of cell storage

Pay just $149 annually for cell storage after that.

What you get with GoodCell

  • Round trip shipping of your GoodCell kit

  • Blood draw at a Quest facility—or arrange for a mobile phlebotomist by request

  • Storage of your cells and DNA in our state-of-the-art personal biobank

  • Proprietary processing of your sample

  • Personal customer support

  • Private dashboard to view your personal inventory

  • Access to additional tests as they become available

  • News, information and research about relevant therapies

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You can schedule an appointment at any Quest Patient Service Center once you have received your GoodCell Kit. Click here to find a convenient location near you: https://appointment.questdiagnostics.com/patient/confirmation 

If you are unable to get to a Quest Patient Service Center, we can send a certified phlebotomist who will draw your blood in the comfort of your home or office.  

After you have your blood drawn, Quest’s technicians will package your sample and send it to GoodCell’s laboratory, where the cells, DNA and plasma will be isolated and preserved in our CLIA- and CAP-certified facility

Stem cells can develop into different types of specialized cells meant to carry out unique functions. They are found throughout the body, in a wide range of organs and tissues. Your body uses stem cells to fight infections, repair damage and even rebuild broken-down tissue. There are four general types of stem cells: embryonic, tissue-specific, mesenchymal and induced pluripotent. 

Here at GoodCell, we are most interested in tissue-specific stem cells (especially those found in blood) and induced pluripotent stem cells, or IPS cells. IPS cells can be programmed to produce virtually any cell type in the human body — blood cells, brain cells, pancreas cells, heart cells and more. This gives them amazing potential to help treat many diseases, including certain forms of age-related blindness, Parkinson’s disease and heart disease. 

Read more about: quality of iPS cells based on age, how iPS cells are derived. 


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Personal biobanking (found here at goodcell.com) is currently not FSA/HSA-eligible.