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GoodCell Appoints Chris Garcia as New CEO

Company to accelerate scale of its commercial strategy under new leadership.

Waltham, MA– September 1, 2021 – GoodCell, a medically-actionable health technology service to proactively identify, track and address health risks, today announces it has appointed Chris Garcia as its new Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors, effective immediately. In his new role, Mr. Garcia will work to scale GoodCell’s commercial strategy, while founder Trevor Perry will assume the title of President and remain as a director of the company.

“The Board of Directors and I are excited to have Chris lead our organization into its next chapter of development,” said Mr. Perry.  “Chris’ addition validates the value of what we have built at GoodCell to date and expands the best in-class leadership team we have in place at the company.”

In addition to scaling GoodCell’s commercial strategy, Chris will work to enhance the company’s platform to deliver a cutting-edge experience for their members, prioritize R&D initiatives to drive long-term value, expand its scientific credibility and foster a progressive company culture while effectively scaling the organization.

“I’m fired up to be joining GoodCell at this exciting time in the company’s evolution. After closing two rounds of financing, rapidly expanding its IP development, and attracting important partners, such as Navia, Quest, and the New York Blood Center, it is clear that the company is well positioned to accelerate its rollout into the marketplace,” said Chris Garcia, Chief Executive Officer, GoodCell. “I feel privileged to be a part of this revolutionary company that is aggressively pursuing the identification and monitoring of genetic changes that will likely predict certain major illness or disease states.  As cellular therapeutics and treatments are increasingly introduced to the market, GoodCell’s personal biobanking will enable its members to proactively leverage today’s science as it becomes tomorrow’s medicine, thus improving the health of our membership while reducing the overall cost of care.”

Mr. Garcia’s career in healthcare has spanned over thirty years as a founder, operator or private equity investor in over a dozen healthcare companies. Most recently, he served as the Chief Executive Officer of Remedy Partners which is now part of Signify Health (NYSE: SGFY) and presently serves as a director of two private equity backed healthcare companies. 

About GoodCell

GoodCell empowers individuals to live longer and healthier lives with a medically actionable health technology service that uniquely screens for major illness, tracks changing genetic risk for disease over time and preserves your healthiest cells for potentially life-saving therapies.  With the rapid expansion of cellular therapeutics, the company offers the only health solution that utilizes personal genetic and biological information as well as biobanking stem cells to access for cell therapies as they become available. Committed to shaping the future of personalized health as today’s science becomes tomorrow’s medicine, GoodCell is led by a founding team of science and technology innovators with diverse research backgrounds from notable institutions such as the Harvard Stem Cell Institute. Learn more at: