Leadership and Advisory Council

GoodCell, a Harvard Stem Cell Institute company, is preparing people to take advantage of future next-generation cell and gene therapies and treatments for a number of hard-to-treat diseases and conditions.

While traditional medicines and therapies using donor cells may be an option, using your own eliminates the need to test for a match or potential need for immunosuppressants to ensure the body doesn’t reject them. Storing your own cells now will allow you to gain potentially permanent benefits through the ultimate in personalized medicine, by taking action to prevent, treat and possibly cure future diseases and conditions.

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GoodCell Leadership

GoodCell LeadershipGoodCell is comprised of a team of cutting-edge scientists, experienced doctors and innovative entrepreneurs whose vision is to shape the future of personalized health as today’s science becomes tomorrow’s medicine. Learn more about our team below. 

Scientific Advisory board

GoodCell’s advisors are visionaries in stem cell science and key medical and scientific fields such as oncology, cardiology, nephrology, neurobiology, regenerative and internal medicine.

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To access the FSA/HSA-eligible GoodCell service, please visit eligible.goodcell.com.

Personal biobanking (found here at goodcell.com) is currently not FSA/HSA-eligible.