Exploring Genetic Variation and COVID-19 Clinical Variability

November 10, 2020 | Molly Campbell

One of the biggest challenges that scientists and healthcare professionals are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic is the high rate of clinical variability. Whilst some patients present as asymptomatic, others are developing more severe symptoms such as pneumonia, and some cases are ultimately proving fatal. Why?

The answer remains elusive; however, extensive research is exploring the possible contribution our genetics may be having. Genetic variation – differences in the DNA sequences that make up our genome – can impact our response to infectious diseases.

GoodCell uniquely measures and monitors inherited and acquired genetic variations in stem cells and other nucleated cells in our blood over time. Technology Networks recently spoke with Dr Salvatore Viscomi, chief medical officer at GoodCell, and attending physical at Baystate Health, to explore factors that might influence COVID-19 risk, and to discuss how the company is working to identify at-risk individuals through genetic variation analysis. 


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