FSA & HSA Eligibility

GoodCell is Fully Eligible

GoodCell genetic and health testing is FSA/HSA eligible. The $599 one-time FSA eligible membership fee covers the cost of the Inherited Genetic Predisposition Test that screens for 31 predispositions across cardiovascular, oncology and metabolic disorders/conditions. As added value, the one-time fee also includes the processing of your biomaterials from the blood draw, from which we extract your DNA to conduct the genetic test and then store your DNA, cells and plasma in your personal biobank.

The $249 eligible fee covers GoodCell’s General Health Test which screens for high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, diabetes and vitamin D deficiency. This test should be repeated annually for a $249 annual fee, which is an eligible cost to identify and track the progression and/or regression of these conditions. In addition to the blood test, as added value you will also receive ongoing storage of biomaterials for potential future therapeutic use if needed.