Your Future Health Starts Here

GoodCell is an FSA/HSA eligible service offering medically actionable genetic testing and analysis along with health screening and stem cell storage—all for an upfront fee of $848. It’s a smart investment for your tax-free funds—a way to take charge of your health that could potentially save your life if you develop a condition treatable with stem cell therapies.   


What’s Included

Genetic Testing

Benchmark your genetic risk across 59 genes for 31 diseases such as breast cancer and cardiomyopathy, enabling early detection and action through genetic counseling.

Blood Testing

Identify, track and mitigate serious health threats such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes through analyzing your biomarkers.

Biobanking Your “Good” Cells

Store your best stem cells, plasma and DNA, allowing you to benefit from life-saving therapies.

The health screening, genetic testing and stem cell storage are all enabled by one simple blood draw—and you can use your FSA/HSA funds for purchase.

All for an upfront fee of $848*

*All of GoodCell’s fees for genetic testing and health screening are FSA/HSA eligible. GoodCell accepts all FSA/HSA debit cards and there is no need for receipts. Your personal biobanking is complimentary. After your first year, your card on file will be charged $249 for annual health screening, which includes personal biobanking. You can cancel at any time and have no obligation beyond the initial fee.


GoodCell genetic and health testing is FSA/HSA eligible. If you would like to utilize your FSA/HSA, the upfront fee covers the cost of the ACMG59 genetic test that screens for 31 predispositions across cardiovascular, oncology and metabolic disorders. GoodCell accepts all FSA/HSA debit cards and there is no need for receipts. 

The Annual fee (valued at $249) covers GoodCell’s curated Baseline Health Panel which screens for abnormal lipids, insulin resistance and vitamin D insufficiency. 

The Baseline Health Panel should be repeated every year to ensure early detection of underlying health concerns. The $249 annual fee is an eligible expense, along with the added benefit of ongoing biomaterial storage. When using HSA/FSA, Biobanking is included in the service at no additional charge. 

The specific genes we test have been selected by the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG), a professional society made up of Genetics health professionals and experts. These 59 genes were chosen because we know that variants in these genes can lead to disease or increase the risk for disease. These diseases are actionable, which simply means there are recommended actions you can take to minimize the impact on your health. The ACMG regularly updates this list, in keeping with the latest clinical research. 

The GoodCell Baseline Health Panel is a curated set of tests that evaluates multiple physiological systems.  

The four tests are as follows: 

  1. Lipid test – measures typical markers of atherosclerosis to assess risk for heart attack, stroke and chronic kidney disease
  2. Vitamin D test – assesses your risk of rickets and osteoporosis, along with the hormonal effects of vitamin D on immunity, body weight, mental health and cancer risk
  3. Hemoglobin A1c test – provides snapshot of blood sugar control over the past three months to screen for undiagnosed prediabetes and diabetes
  4. High-sensitivity C-reactive protein test (hs-CRP) – identifies your levels of a critical plasma marker for low-grade inflammation that contributes to body fat regulation, heart disease and the body’s response to stressors (like infections)