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What’s Included for $848*

  • Screening for chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes

  • Genetic testing for predisposition to 31 inherited diseases such as breast cancer and cardiomyopathy

  • Storage of your stem cells and DNA in your personal biobank

  • Private dashboard to view results and track your health over time

  • Access to complimentary genetic counseling

  • Personal customer support

  • News, information, research and access to new tests as they become available

* GoodCell a subscription service. You will be charged $249 annually (the first year is included in the upfront fee)  for your yearly health screening to track changes over time, ongoing storage for your personal biobanking and relevant research.  You can cancel at any time after the initial fee. GoodCell’s fees for genetic testing and health screening are FSA/HSA eligible – personal biobanking is complimentary.

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