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When your blood sample is received at our FDA-registered bioprocessing it is broken down into the three core components of your GoodCell personal biobank – blood cells (nucleated), DNA and blood plasma. Once processing is complete and your materials are stored, we review your personal biobank to ensure all components meet our high standards. What does this mean?

GoodCell is storing your DNA,  blood plasma, and cells. Here are our standards for storing your materials for future use:

DNA: We need at least 20 µg of DNA from your blood and it must pass a quality control check indicating it is acceptable to be used for clinical genetic testing.

Blood Plasma: We need at least six (6) vials of plasma from the blood we collected from you.  Each vial containing 1 mL of plasma.

Cells: We need at least eight (8) vials of cells for storage with greater than 95% cell viability pre-cryopreservation. Each vial containing five (5) million cells.

We process and store your sample in our state of the art, FDA-registered, CLIA/CAP certified lab and biorepository. This biorepository houses millions of samples and is trusted by large biotech companies, as well as the National Institutes of Health.

Your sample's safety & security

The site is secured and monitored around the clock, with all temperature regulated storage equipment on alarm notification and generator backup to ensure safe, controlled long term storage.

Your biological data belongs to you, and it’s fully encrypted in our secure database. We will never share it without your consent.

Kelly SwickMember Relationship Manager

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