Your Healthy Future Starts Now: Personal Biobanking – the ultimate in preventative healthcare

5 Min. Read | June 3, 2022

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Picture it … It’s 2050. You’ve been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, but because you stored your stem cells back in 2022 and the FDA approved a stem cell therapy to treat Parkinson’s in 2030, you have treatment options. While stem cell therapy was just starting to make headlines in 2022 you recognized the potential and invested in Personal Biobanking. As a result, you have access to your young, healthy cells for personalized cellular therapy. It might sound like science fiction, but amazing possibilities are on the horizon in cellular therapy. 

What is GoodCell? 

Now let’s rewind back to present day before you knew how GoodCell could help you harness the power of personalized medicine. So, what is GoodCell you ask? GoodCell is a life sciences company that has launched Personal Biobanking, a proactive, preventative healthcare service that allows members to participate in personalized medicine by storing their own biomaterial, for potential future personalized cellular therapy. 

What exactly is stored and why is it important to store your biomaterial today? 

Your blood contains many cell types, including stem cells, that can potentially be used in cutting-edge therapies that the FDA expects to be available in the near future. Since stem cells have the unique ability to regenerate as well as develop into specialized cells, they can be used to generate new healthy cells to treat disease. 

GoodCell identifies, isolates, and stores member’s peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) which have been used to generate a type of stem cell known as induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). IPSCs are very similar to embryonic stem cells (ESCs), meaning that they can be reprogrammed to create any cell type in the human body. Researchers around the globe are very excited about the potential of iPSCs to treat a wide variety of human diseases. Some clinical trials involving iPSCs have already started showing positive results, such as macular degeneration, Parkinson’s and heart disease. While current approved clinical trials utilize donor cells, using your own biomaterial eliminates the need to test for a match and reduces the risk of rejection and potential need for immunosuppressants. 

Cell quality declines with time due to the aging process and environmental factors – making today the best time to bank your healthiest cells. 

What type of therapies might be available in the future? 

Thousands of cell therapies are being developed to potentially treat diseases and conditions impacting 1 in 2 U.S. adults. These hard-to-treat diseases and conditions include Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, cornea injury, critical limb ischemia, diabetes, inflammation, lung cancer, macular degeneration, male infertility, osteoarthritis, pancreatic cancer, Parkinson’s disease, severe bone fractures and stroke. With cell and gene therapy clinical trials in development for a variety of hard-to-treat diseases, the FDA has predicted 10-20 new approvals annually by 2025.  

Where are the samples stored? 

At GoodCell, privacy and security are paramount. Your biomaterials are maintained in a state-of-the-art CLIA/CAP (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments/College of American Pathologists) certified lab and biorepository. CLIA/CAP certification is the industry standard for laboratories such as those maintained by the National Institutes of Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and major pharmaceutical companies. The facility that houses your biomaterials uses temperature-regulated storage devices that are alarmed and monitored around the clock.  

How do I take advantage of personal biobanking? 

GoodCell offers the power of personal biobanking with one simple blood draw. When you become a member, you receive your kit in the mail and schedule your blood draw at one of the 3,000+ Quest labs nation-wide. After your blood draw, your materials are sent to GoodCell’s lab where we extract your most valuable biomaterial from your blood, isolating specific cells that will be most therapeutically beneficial based on clinical trials in progress and store them at our secure facilities.  

I’m ready to start! 

Congratulations on taking this vital step in ensuring the best possible future for your health! Invest in yourself and preserve your cells at their healthiest with the potential to take advantage of the latest medical advancements as they emerge — click here to get started.  

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