Why We're Over the One and Done DNA Tests

6 Min. Read | February 17, 2020

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You’ve likely seen the recent news that genetic testing giants Ancestry and 23andme are in the midst of significant layoffs as Wall Street signals a slowdown in the consumer DNA testing market. The challenge the market faces today is that “most early adopters have entered the category,” as Ancestry CEO and President Margo Georgiadis put it. Once you’ve completed the test and learned about your genetic markers, your ancestry and why you’re always craving chocolate ice cream, there’s no further action to take beyond potentially adjusting your own lifestyle.  

But there’s so much more that you COULD do with the right partner by your side. That’s why GoodCell offers a comprehensive and holistic solution. Here’s how we’re different: 

  • We leverage your best starting materials: As a GoodCell member, you have a life-long collaborator who goes beyond assessing your genetic risk. Unlike other testing services, which deliver a one-time result based on self-collected saliva swabs, GoodCell safely and securely extracts three key components from your blood – DNA, plasma and blood cells – for future use. Together, these materials provide a complete health picture, with genes making up just a fraction of it. While there are several ways to extract this information, blood draws are by far the most efficient because blood is truly the author of your health story. No other biological material single-handedly shows current health (what’s happening in your body now), predicts future health (predisposition) and empowers you to protect it through cell storage.  
  • We help you take action: Our product has three levels, all based off of a single blood draw: storing young, healthy blood cells; analyzing the DNA in those cells; and conducting physiological testing based on those samples. Imagine understanding your risk, tracking how lifestyle choices influence that risk and being prepared to one day address a condition, should it arise, with the latest therapies. By leveraging the best science, GoodCell provides the health indicators needed for a comprehensive and proactive approach to self-care. The GoodCell Dashboard becomes a trusted partner to inform the next-best-action in your health journey, offering access – for you and for your doctor – to actionable data and insights that relate to all aspects of your health through genetic reporting and blood analysis. Through regular blood draws, you can see exactly how your choices (e.g. regular exercise, becoming vegan, taking certain medications and more) affect your risk of developing certain diseases over your lifetime.  
  • We live and breathe the science: Every day, new evidence comes to light demonstrating the utility of stem cells across the healthcare field, from increasing our understanding of how diseases occur to informing diagnoses and enabling new treatment options. Similarly, while there is considerable genetic research available today, researchers are continuously discovering and cataloguing new markers, mutations and disease correlations. New and emerging research will continue to prove that cells, DNA and blood plasma are essential to informing and supporting the treatments of tomorrow. As such, it is our promise to innovate at the pace of science to ensure our members are equipped with the knowledge and starting materials needed to take full advantage of all their health options – including those yet to come.    

We’re also focused on the bigger picture. Access to healthy, high-quality cells is a critical component of cell research and therapy. The industry, however, lacks a standard way of evaluating cell quality. Put simply, we lack a cell health spectrum. GoodCell is filling this need by developing a measure by which researchers and doctors can quantitate and annotate somatic DNA damage and overall genetic cell integrity over time, essentially, creating a way to score cells’ quality. The goal is to tap into the best possible cells for patient-specific therapeutics and disease risk assessments to produce the greatest likelihood for success.  

The promise of stem cell therapy has created more reasons to consider preserving your cells, DNA and blood plasma than ever before, and we want to help everyone take advantage of this opportunity. That’s why we aren’t a genetic testing company; we’re a personal biobanking company that also does genetic testing. Unlike other DNA testing companies, we offer a complete health solution that benefits you at every stage of life. Our vision is to see everyone participating and starting their journey as early as they can. When it comes to banking your cells, “earlier-the-better” is the best guidance, but we don’t believe this is a health action you age out of based on your demographic. You are the best version of yourself NOW and your stored sample with GoodCell will always be valuable to you. 

Interested in learning more? Check out how it works and this helpful FAQ.