Why is Personal Biobanking Important?

5 Min. Read | June 13, 2022

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Are there chronic illnesses that run in your family? Think diabetes, heart disease, or Parkinson’s disease. The cutting edge of medical science is developing new therapies for these and other conditions. New cell therapies may make it possible for lasting treatments to be achieved earlier.

You can now prepare for these upcoming cell therapies with personal biobanking. Personal biobanking is your opportunity to preserve the healthy cells you have today so they can potentially help you in the future. It even makes these new therapies and treatments more accessible to everyone. How? Let’s start by first understanding how biobanking works.

What is biobanking?

Biobanking is the collection and storage of bodily fluids and tissue (biomaterial) in secure biorepositories called biobanks. The purpose of biobanking and the biomaterial’s storage time can vary depending on the type of biobank you use and what your long-term goals are.

Types of Biobanking:

● Disease-Based Biobank: Collects biomaterial to research a specific disease and help develop effective treatments

● Population-Based Biobank: Collects biomaterial from a certain demographic for recordkeeping and health-related reasons

● Virtual Biobank: Provides virtual access to multiple biobanks’ biomaterial primarily for research-related purposes

● Personal Biobank: Stores your healthiest biomaterial for cutting-edge treatments and cell therapies in the future

While our work at GoodCell is personal biobanking, biobanks also exist for plant and animal specimens, too. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of biobanks around the world—from small university collections to large datasets owned by research centers and private entities.

Why are biobanks useful to you?

One of the biggest benefits of biobanking is the opportunity to take advantage of personalized medicine and to safeguard your future health at the same time.

What is personalized medicine?

Personalized medicine is treatment that’s customized for the individual patient—like you. This can be based on your age, gender, race, genetics, or other factors. Personalized medicine is becoming even more specific, working with your unique biomaterial to address and heal a given disease.

A personal biobank is useful because it lets you maintain your healthiest cells indefinitely. The FDA anticipates that by 2025, between 10 and 20 new gene therapies and cell therapies a year will receive FDA approval. These therapies will potentially treat serious diseases that affect 1 in 2 adult Americans, including cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases as well as metabolic disorders such as diabetes. Other disease states from stroke to heart disease to cancer are all currently being addressed through personalized medicine and with more innovation on the way.

By biobanking your healthy cells now with GoodCell, you can have everything you need for potential treatments if one of these conditions or others occurs later.

What are the benefits of personal biobanking?

The benefits of personal biobanking may not always be apparent until you need them. But with your healthy cells preserved in GoodCell’s biorepositories today, your future self can take advantage of therapies currently on the horizon. If, for example, you receive a diagnosis that can be addressed through personalized medicine, your personal biobank is the perfect resource for treatments.

How is personal biobanking done?

At GoodCell, we make personal biobanking an easy and straightforward process for you.

1. Join GoodCell: After you sign up, you will receive a kit in the mail with instructions and documents for a blood draw.

2. Have your blood drawn: Schedule a blood draw at over 3,000 Quest Diagnostics locations with your kit.

3. Enjoy peace of mind: Quest Diagnostics will send your samples to our laboratory for preservation. Now you can relax knowing that your healthy cells are ready for whatever may come your way in the future.

Get started with GoodCell! Take the first step in personal biobanking. Get started with GoodCell to preserve your healthiest cells for future medical advancements.

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