How We Turn Your Blood into a Digital Archive of You

7 Min. Read | March 4, 2021

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Science is in our blood—literally. GoodCell’s gives you the ability to test, track and respond to the health report card locked inside your blood. We provide actionable data to help you live the healthiest life possible and take control of your health. GoodCell powers this new standard in self-care through many layers of emerging biological science paired with powerful big data technology. The resulting data, both personal and population-based, will provide unique health insights. 

Access to this potential life-changing information begins when you create your GoodCell account and schedule a simple blood draw. This “biological you” in those four vials will be carefully packaged and shipped to a CLIA/CAP certified lab and biorepository. Our industry-leading lab partners isolate and preserve three key components of the blood, the DNA, plasma, and stem cells, along with other valuable white blood cells. We carefully throw out red blood cells because they can do nasty things in storage to the valuable cells. 

Valuable Components of Your Blood Get Banked in Small Usable Units 

This initial blood draw becomes your personal biobank, a secure basis for your health information and repository for your blood cells, the youngest and healthiest cells you will ever have. Encrypted so that only you can access or allow access, it becomes your health information deposit that you can withdraw to benchmark biomarkers of health and disease as they emerge from new research or from personal medical experience.  It also stands in reserve as a source of healthy cells, which may become valuable as stem cell science increasingly transitions to stem cell medicine. 

Our lab partner sorts the drawn blood into the three banked components, each offering unique value to your current and future state of health. Plasma, the clear liquid that makes up most of your blood contains a myriad of biomarkers that benchmark your current state of health. Many of the white blood cells, or mononuclear cells, are emerging as potential therapeutics, and DNA extracted from the nucleus of a few of those white blood cells show predispositions to disease. All three components get stored in small portions that can be sent anywhere as the science advances and serve as an archived version of your biological self. 

Your Blood Becomes Your Investment to Cash in on Scientific Advances  

Our repository sends some of your DNA, that has specifically been isolated in our CLIA registered labs to our state-of-the-art genetic sequencing partner to decode the building blocks of the DNA using microarray and next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies to look for variations that could predispose you to disease—providing a digital view inside your cells. That initial testing looks for 59 genetic variants identified by the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) as being verifiably linked to increased risk for various metabolic and cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers. All those slight variations in genetic makeup only make the ACMG list if they also have been deemed to be actionable through lifestyle or medical interventions to reduce predisposition to disease. 

The DNA reserved in your personal biobank stands ready as more actionable genetic tests come online, or if you decide based on family history or other reasons to have your DNA assessed for other purposes. You have the option of looking more deeply into cancer and cardiovascular predispositions and, if planning a family, whether you carry genes for inherited diseases. 

Your blood holds a wealth of proteins and other biomarkers that indicate how well your body’s organs are working. Using your whole blood, our lab partner initially measures levels of four components that have key, but differing roles in immune system health, inflammation, bone health, metabolism, and cardiovascular health. Reserved vials of plasma in your personal biobank can be withdrawn to test for other biomarkers validated by current or future good science, or held to track changes in biomarkers over time. 

The banked white blood cells contain two types of cells proven valuable in stem cell science and regenerative medicine. Blood stem cells or hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), already routinely used in some blood cancer therapies, are finding new uses in other blood diseases and autoimmune diseases. Most important for your biobank, researchers have found methods that appear to be able to expand the number of stem cells stored by GoodCell to sufficient quantities for therapy, and several teams are working hard to confirm this potential. 

A second type of white cell stored in your personal GoodCell biobank called a progenitor cell, has the potential to have the starring role in regenerative medicine in the future. Those progenitor cells have been observed to be very efficient in making high quality induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs), essentially immortalized cells that are infinitely expandable and can become any body part, potentially serving as a patch or replacement for that type of tissue. 

This science provides the opportunity to cash-in on future advances in research while the technology behind the GoodCell dashboard over time will enhance correlations between the various components stored and population norms.  GoodCell provides you with your secure personal biobank to more easily take advantage of those advances. Access us wherever life takes you. Your blood is your life, and we’ve got you banked 

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