Taking Your Health Care Benefits Package to the Next Level

7 Min. Read | March 17, 2020

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A 2018 survey from the America’s Health Insurance Plan (AHIP) found that 56 percent of respondents considered employer-provided health coverage a key factor in their decision to stay at their current job. This and many other surveys like it underscore why employee-sponsored healthcare options must continue to be at the core of any benefits package.  

As we continue to face a competitive job market; however, employers are finding that good healthcare benefits are table stakes when it comes to attracting and keeping talent. Innovative health offerings are the soul of great healthcare benefits, essential for boosting employee satisfaction, encouraging new applications and improving retention rates.  

Empowering employees to own their health journey 

As the workforce continues to skew toward Millennials and Generation Z, employers should consider which health benefits are most important to these groups. For many, it’s access to digital tools that can help them understand their disease risks to inform lifestyle decisions, such as exercise programs or dietary habits. For Millennials in particular, family planning is often top of mind, moving them toward benefits with long-term generational value and security.  

At GoodCell, we’re committed to helping employees gain greater control over their health journey, regardless of their stage of life. We believe personal biobanking is one of the best and most impactful ways to do this because it allows employees to store their best, healthiest cells today and provides genetic and biomarker indicators to inform the next best action in their health journey months, years and even decades down the road.  

Employees may not need those cells today, but medical science is proving that gene and cell therapies could be our best line of defense against conditions such as blood-borne cancers, macular degeneration, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and more. As evidence of this, we’re seeing pharmaceutical companies such as Biogen double down on their efforts to develop gene-based treatments, and the FDA predicts that it will approve 10-12 cell and gene therapy products a year by 2025.  

The challenge is that the cells these treatments rely on lose their quality and effectiveness as we age. The best cells we’ll ever have are the ones we have right now. By storing their cells today, an entire workforce can take advantage of medical breakthroughs in the years to come with the greatest chance of success because they’ll be able to utilize their own, healthy cells. These stored cells could also have value for employees’ children or grandchildren in the future. 

Storage and So. Much. More. 

In addition to storing employees’ cells, GoodCell also offers access to genetic information and real-time health insights through the GoodCell Dashboard. Both experiences begin with a GoodCell Kit, which prompts employees to create a customized Dashboard and schedule an at-home or in-office blood draw with a certified phlebotomist.  

After the phlebotomist safely packages up the blood sample, GoodCell isolates, analyzes and preserves three components of the blood: cells, DNA and blood plasma. The sample is then tested to inform genetic predispositions and additional blood testing, like an HbA1c, is completed to provide a more complete view of each employee’s real-time health profile. This information, along with any historical and medical information employees elect to input manually, can be viewed and tracked over time in their own, private Dashboard, which they can choose to share (or not) with their personal physician. The result is an interactive health hub that employees can return to at their convenience to track health information over time – and with each annual blood draw (newest company holiday, anyone?).  

Additional benefits of each GoodCell membership include: 

  • Actionable health data and insights related to each employee’s unique health profile.  
  • A variety of health packages they can take advantage of using their samples, such as tests for Vitamin D, familial hypercholesterolemia and colon cancer.  
  • Access to GoodCell medical experts, including genetic counselors and practicing physicians.  

Employees have the ability to see their genetic test results or not. They also retain full control over who can view their personal health data (more on our commitment to integrity and privacy here). 

Empowering employers to take back productivity 

As GoodCell members, employees will have a unique opportunity to invest in and improve their health futures. All the while, they are gaining valuable insights into their current state of health and future risks. This information can be crucial to identifying disease sooner, making positive lifestyle changes earlier, informing generational risk and reducing healthcare claim costs, among many other benefits.  

Moreover, GoodCell’s ongoing membership encompasses a varied and growing catalogue of testing packages that can be customized to each stage of an employees’ life and their unique health outlook. Take our Vitamin D package, for example. Lower levels of Vitamin D have been tied to depression and mental illness, and studies show that reduced productivity at work due to depression is the equivalent of 32 incremental workdays lost. These benefits encourage regular screening and testing, resulting in a healthier, more productive workforce and fewer lost workdays. 

Benefits all around 

Employees and HR teams can also gain valuable insight into their workers’ health needs and priorities through Dashboard data that is aggregated and anonymized across the workforce. These vital health metrics can be key to retaining a competitive advantage by helping to inform additional benefits decisions and other company perks. The functionality of the Dashboard paired with the long-term personal and familial benefits of personal biobanking can make businesses more competitive in the eyes of prospective hires, and it’s a great way to demonstrate how valued employees are to the organization.   

To learn more about our employer packages and how we can help you create an innovative and differentiated health services package for your workforce, contact us at support@goodcell.com