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4 Min. Read | September 24, 2020

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We all strive to live our healthiest life possible, to add years to our life and life to our years. In a world where medical concern is a reality and times can be uncertain, we want to feel prepared and in control of our health. At GoodCell, we believe that world is powered by personal biobanking. 

What is Personal Biobanking? 

The idea is simple yet novel: store your healthiest cells now to identify current health vulnerabilities and for potential use in the future as new therapies become available. Beyond banking your cells, DNA and plasma, GoodCell’s personal biobanking includes genetic screening to inform your inherited predispositions as well as regular health tracking through standard blood testing to identify other concerns that emerge over time. GoodCell’s genetic screening uses ACMG59 to analyze the 59 genes identified as medically actionable by the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG). According to ACMG, three percent of the population has predisposition to 31 diseases, including cardiovascular disease and certain cancers, that can be revealed through genetic testing of just those 59 genes. 

How Does It Work? 

Upon registering as a member with GoodCell, you will receive a GoodCell kit. We will then take you through the process of scheduling a convenient blood-draw and shipping the kit for processing. Once received, we isolate and preserve the three components of the blood collection: blood, blood plasma and DNA. 

Results are posted to your personalized GoodCell dashboard, a de-identified and HIPAA privacy compliant health portal you can return to at your convenience. There, you can track your health information over time with annual blood draws and order additional blood testing panels as your needs evolve. 

What’s more, members have access to GoodCell experts, including genetic counselors to help turn your data into actionable steps you can take with your physician.  Meanwhile, your cells are safely and securely preserved in our state of the art, FDA-registered, CLIA/CAP certified lab and biorepository. 

Why Bank? 

Personal biobanking arms you with insights on actions you can take to manage your health and keeps your best line of defense – your own, healthy cells – safely preserved should you need them.   

Today, medicine is becoming even more personalized, and gene and cell therapies continue to show promise for combating conditions such as blood-borne cancers, vision loss from macular degeneration, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and more. As evidence of this, we’re seeing pharmaceutical companies double down on their efforts to develop gene-based treatments, and the FDA predicts that it will approve 10-12 cell and gene therapy products a year by 2025. 

Personal biobanking is the cornerstone of a healthcare model that allows us to take advantage of the latest medical advances with the highest chance for success. Tracking your health history now could also have value for your children or grandchildren as they make health decisions in the future. 

Why We’re Banking for You 

Personal biobanking is reimagining what we can do with blood, enabling unparalleled innovation and discovery for you, your family and all of humankind. With GoodCell, you have the most updated information about your health, the ability to access it when you want to, and the resources to understand what to do next. 

Learn more about personal biobanking and how to get started with GoodCell here. 

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