Data Privacy: GoodCell's Commitment to You

6 Min. Read | January 28, 2021

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Privacy and Security of Data is Paramount

Over the years, advances in technology and deeper commitments from corporations has transformed the way we collect data, store it and most importantly, protect it. With the advent of personal health testing, however, privacy concerns have grown more complex. Genetic data and other health information presents new challenges in terms of keeping ourselves protected. After all, your data doesn’t simply belong to you; it is you. You can’t just reset the password on yourself.

From smart watches to health apps, society has warmed to the idea of sharing health data with the idea that what you get in return outweighs the potential risks. This can bring tremendous benefits to those who track their health and make informed choices that can improve quality of life for themselves and for their families. In aggregate, these data can also reveal important population health insights necessary to move science and medicine forward. Even so, it isn’t an action that anyone – or any company – should take lightly.

In the spirit of Data Privacy Day on January 28, we pause to observe the value of our health information. Companies today are responsible for safeguarding data and being transparent with their customers about how they intend to collect and use it, and where it lives. In light of this important subject, we want to share our approach to privacy to help protect you and your data for years to come.

Our Protection Procedures

We believe unequivocally that your data is yours. We help you get the most out of it, but you are in complete control of how your data is used and who can access it.

To reinforce this commitment, we have implemented technical, administrative and physical safeguards designed to secure your personal information and protect it against misuse, loss or alteration. Given we are a heath technology platform, we need to treat your personal information in the same vein as a healthcare company and thereby hold ourselves to comply with the privacy and security requirements under the HIPAA HITECH Act.

Our members afford us the opportunity to help them obtain, store and manage both digital data and physical biomaterials. This is a responsibility we take very seriously as we work diligently to make GoodCell the gold standard for the future of health technology data protection – both digital and physical. From auditability to data isolation and encryption, we employ leading techniques in data privacy to keep pace with the current landscape while also preparing for the future.

As a GoodCell member, any information you provide through our website is encrypted using industry standard security sockets layers. With respect to your biology, all samples are processed and stored in our state-of-the-art, FDA-registered, CLIA/CAP certified lab and biorepository, which is secured and monitored around the clock.

You Call the Shots

There is a myriad of data points from genetic testing and healthcare that could be utilized to advance healthcare and medical research. Our goal is to help our members make better choices and live healthier lives through the power of data, but that data will always be yours. How you use it is up to you.

 By opting to share your de-identified data, you could personally help researchers, doctors and scientists develop treatments and better understand disease for all humankind.

When it comes to externally sharing data, a key component to GoodCell’s data privacy procedure is its de-identification. De-identified data is information that has been stripped of personal identifiers so that it cannot be linked back to you. Should you elect to contribute your data to broader population health initiatives through GoodCell, it will be carefully scrubbed to ensure no parts of the data could be used to identify you. All of our partners must also agree not to attempt to re-identify the data, otherwise it will not be shared.

When building our data privacy protocols, we put ourselves in your shoes and make the choices we would want to see taken to protect our grandparents, our friends and our children. We pledge to not simply follow the pack when it comes to data privacy.

We believe now is the time to blaze new trails in how we capture, analyze and protect health data, and we are committed to leading the industry by example.

Still curious? Check out what our Chief Technology Officer, Craig Eisler, sees on the horizon for the future of data access and privacy and about our vision to keep you in control of your health.