Give Yourself Agency Over Your Health

4 Min. Read | January 5, 2021

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The isolation and fear resulting from the COVID19 pandemic has accelerated an already burgeoning trend toward adopting ways to provide some self-determination and control over your health. Now, more than ever you want some agency – the essence of control – over your own health. 

From stricter adherence to a healthy diet and wearable health monitors to increased vigilance in using gym membership or home exercise equipment you see advantages in getting ahead of your health. You fear that “Your dog might even be hiding from you due to too many walks.” 

In order to truly turbocharge your health regimen, you may need to add some layers of control—layers of actionable health data that GoodCell can provide. Through genetic testing, health screening and cell storage, Goodcell helps you maximize your health potential. 

How GoodCell Ups Your Health Regiment Game 

Annual health screenings let you benchmark and track changes in biomarkers that measure the potential for heart disease, stroke, chronic kidney disease, immune system weakness, diabetes, cancer and inflammation associated with multiple conditions. Studies also link these biomarkers to body weight and mood. 

GoodCell’s panel of genetic tests does not provide fun and often frivolous information about how many relatives came from Norway versus France or India. Using a panel of genetic variants curated by the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics, GoodCell provides information on 59 genes linked to 31 inherited diseases including many types of cancer, heart disease and other conditions. The College chose this panel because each test offers opportunities to intervene and reduce the chances of developing disease through medical and lifestyle interventions.  Genes do not need to equal fate. 

The data acquired through the annual health screening and the genetic testing can be reviewed through a personalized dashboard, providing another layer of agency. Both qualify for pre-tax payment through Flexible Spending Accounts or Health Savings Accounts. At your discretion, you may choose to share information on your dashboard with your health care provider. 

Personal Biobanking of Valuable Cells 

In addition to this actionable health data, GoodCell stores various types of blood cells that are proving to be highly valuable in treating disease. Physicians have long used blood stem cells as a key component of treating blood cancers, and now they are expanding the use of these cells to other blood conditions and autoimmune disorders. Another cell type stored by GoodCell has proven extremely efficient in making another type of stem cell, induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs), which can become any cell type in the body for any tissue that might need repair. Teams around the world have many clinical trials underway using iPSCs to treat Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, the most common form of adult-onset blindness, and other conditions. 

All cells become less efficient in doing what they are supposed to do as you age. This is particularly true for stem cells. So, storing cells now could be critical in the future as new cell-based therapies come online. The U.S. Food and Drug administration estimates that it will approve 10 to 20 cell and gene-base therapies a year by 2025. 

To maximize your potential health, now and in the future, consider adding GoodCell to your health regimen.