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GoodCell identifies, tracks and helps to mitigate adverse health outcomes associated with disease and conditions that impact more than half of the US adult population from diabetes and heart disease to breast cancer and cardiomyopathy. When you join GoodCell you access the only available solution for personal stem cell storage.

GoodCell is FSA/HSA Eligible

Participants can use their pre-tax savings and spending accounts to purchase GoodCell.


Our Value to You

With a unique combination of genetic testing, health screening and stem cell storage participants can better understand their current health, genetic predispositions and ensure they are prepared for their best future health.

GoodCell collaborates with payors and providers to deliver a comprehensive program to help improve outcomes and reduce medical costs, offering:

Turnkey, HIPAA compliant
promotional materials

Dedicated support staff for
all sales and marketing

Compelling revenue
sharing program

Turnkey enterprise
level events


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