Our mission is to extend and improve the quality of life through technology powered by your cells.​

GoodCell is a revolutionary health technology platform powered by science that helps you proactively identify, track and respond to health concerns through personal biobanking, health screening, and genetic testing. ​

Our unique offering is rooted in your blood. We decode the complexity of individual health through the power of your cells, which provide genetic and biological information for use today as well as banked biomaterials for potential use in the future.​

Backed by cutting-edge scientists, we profile your health through markers in your blood, the dynamic nature of genes and stem cells. As stem cell science becomes stem cell medicine, GoodCell is your personalized investment to bank on a healthier future for you and for your family.

Who We Are

Founded in 2016, GoodCell is comprised of a team of cutting-edge scientists, researchers from Harvard, Mass General Hospital, Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Stanford, experienced doctors, and innovative entrepreneurs. We’re surrounded by experts in science, technology, and business who inspire us to be progressive every day. 

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Founder and Chief Science Officer

Founder and Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board

Our Scientific Advisors

  • Simon H. Stertzer Endowed Professor, Stanford School Of Medicine.
  • Director, Stanford Cardiovascular Institute.
  • Professor Of Stem Cell And Regenerative Biology, Harvard University.
  • Principal Investigator, Harvard Stem Cell Institute.
  • Director, Stem Cell Biology, Stanley Center For Psychiatric Research At The Broad Institute.
  • Dorothy And Milton Flier Professor Of Biomedical Science And Genetics, Harvard Medical School.
  • Director, Genomic Neurobiology, Stanley Center For Psychiatric Research At The Broad Institute.
  • Professor Of Medicine, Harvard University.
  • Professor Of Medicine, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.
  • Executive Director, Connell-O’Reilly Cell Manipulation Core Facility At Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Leadership Team

Board of Directors

  • Trevor Perry

    Founder and CEO

  • David Scadden, MD

    Founder and Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board
    Co-Founder of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute

  • Dan Marshak

    Former Senior Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer at Perkin Elmer

  • Anthony Bay

    Former Global Head of Digital Video for Amazon
    Veteran Senior Executive at Apple and Microsoft

  • Avi Ellman

    Managing Partner of Delta Global