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We pair tech innovation with science to manage and track a comprehensive view of your health through an easy-to-use digital dashboard, putting wellbeing right at your fingertips. With the right combination of information, technology and personalized support, GoodCell gives you the tools for actionable insights to inform decisions about your health through personal biobanking, genetics and health screening.


Store Your Stem Cells for Future Use

Don’t just take your blood. Store your cells as an investment in your future health.

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Know Your Predisposition to Disease

Discover information about your genes to help you prepare for a healthier future.

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Get a Comprehensive View Into Your Health​

Receive your personalized health data through a set of curated blood tests.

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Improve Your Health.

The Best Cells You Will Ever Have are the Cells You Have Right Now

The Best Cells You Will Ever Have are the Cells You Have Right Now

Learn how GoodCell gives you greater control over your health through next-generation screening, genetic testing, and personal biobanking.

For Our Founder, It’s Personal

Trevor Perry has always championed health innovation. He started his career as a U.S. Army medic followed by two decades in the pharmaceutical world. He experienced firsthand the potential of science and technology to give people the power to take control of their health – and is now making it a reality.

Trevor’s personal experiences with healthcare’s challenges further motivated him. He watched as his sister-in-law struggled without answers or treatment options for a rare genetic disease. He felt the frustration of standing on the edge of the proverbial cliff when his genetic testing results revealed more questions than answers.

Could earlier intervention with regular health screenings and the storage of healthy cells have made a difference, opened new pathways and answered the ultimate question: “What now?”

With top minds in science, medicine and technology Trevor started GoodCell to put better health into your hands.

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